Sunday, February 24, 2013

Green Chile Corn Chowder

Was it just last post I was expressing sadness at our piddly Denver snow this season?  I should pay more attention to the news because I woke up this morning to a Winter Storm Warning beeping on my there any felicity in the world superior to this? (I just watched Sense and Sensibility last night and as is the norm, will quote the movie relentlessly throughout the following week)

Snow = felicity.  Big fat flakes of white snow falling from the sky throughout an entire 
day = happiness  for the soul.  Yes sirree. 

Even Brooklyn thinks so. 

Soup, stew or chili are the standards for snow days right?  I knew I wanted something thick and hearty so opted to throw a pot of chowdah on before heading outside to shovel and let Brooklyn play for 5 minutes before she whined to come back in.  That's how she rolls. 

I love the hearty creaminess of a chowder especially with bites of potatoes and corn.  When I  opened the freezer I saw a few baggies of all the green chiles I'd so painstakingly peeled, chopped and divided up into freezer baggies this past fall.  I am just like Laura Ingalls Wilder, all ready for The Long Hard Winter--if she also happened to have boxes of pre-made chicken broth.  One can only aspire to so much Laura Ingallness. 

By 10 am this morning, we only had 5-6 inches but it's been deliciously snowing all day long.  As predicted, this little one had enough after about 5 minutes and was ready for a long hard day sleeping in front of the fireplace.  

This may have been overkill considering I had corn and green chiles in the chowder, but I wanted to make cornbread with the chowder and remembered  this Pinterest recipe I've been wanting to make for ages: jalapeno cornbread poppers.  I followed the recipe for the most part except that I cooked the jalapenos for 15 minutes at 350 first just to ensure they would cook through and I used a different cornbread mix.  Sometimes mixes are just good. I'd also chopped all of the stems/tops off before I realized that the original recipe still had them on, because you needed to keep the muffin mix contained.  I just pressed the cut edges up against the side of the pan. 

The fantastic part of simmering soup is the smell throughout the house and the building anticipation.  Just a few hours of super slow simmering later, and I had a pretty large pot of sweet, salty, spicy and creamy chowdah.  The cream adds a delicious fabulousness that I think is essential to chowder and 1/2 cup really isn't all that much.  If you don't love the cream, you can also add a can of evaporated milk.  I also prefer to mash up some of my chowder to thicken it rather than thickening it with flour.  The chiles, well they were the absolutely essential--I may just resort to adding the green chiles to chowder moving forward.  

Just in case I didn't say it enough...I LOVE snow days.  Hope your days were toasty oasty!

Green Chile Corn Chowder

5 slices of bacon diced
1 medium onion, diced
3 medium potatoes
16 oz bag of frozen corn
1 1/2 cup diced roasted anaheim chiles
1 32oz box of chicken broth
2 large chicken breasts 
2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
salt to taste
1/2 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup sliced green onions plus some for garnish
cilantro for garnish

  1. Brown diced bacon in a heavy soup/stock pot over medium heat
  2. Remove all but 1 tbsp of bacon grease from pot and then add onions to pot.  Sautee for 3 minutes until translucent
  3. Add diced potatoes, frozen corn and green chiles. Add garlic and black pepper and stir well
  4. Pour chicken broth over veggies.  Add chicken breast and press down to immerse in broth.  
  5. Cook over lowest heat for 2 hours (You can also cook this over medium heat for 1/2 hour if you want to make this on a bit more of schedule)
  6. Remove chicken to a cutting board and allow to cool for 5 minutes.  
  7. Use a potato masher to mash the about 1/2 of the soup.  This will thicken the soup--but make sure to leave half of the potatoes/corn/chiles in chunks. 
  8. Dice the chicken and return to pot.  Taste and season with salt.
  9. Stir in heavy cream (optional--kind of)
  10. Remove from heat and stir in green onions.  
  11. Serve garnished with green onions and cilantro


Ellie said...

We are just digging out of a big snow so I am not craving more myself but it does make for a great day of baking and cooking! We make big pots of red chili every big snow. This looks really good so will be trying to make it for the cold weather!

Kim said...

Yummy yummy yummy! We love to cook and eat soup, it's one of my favorite meals ever and the husband agrees. We both love chilies so cannot wait to try this. The corn bread look really yummy too. I bet this meal was just plain yummy!

Our dogs are 75 pounds and have lots and lots of fur so they love playing outdoors. They could stay out there all day.

Wendy said...

I love chowder of any kind especially clam chowder. Corn chowder is right up there though on my favorite list and I love the green chills! This is the kind of soup that brings smiles to my husband's face so I'll be whipping up a batch this weekend. I just happen to have some green chilies saved from this past summer too!

Kendra said...

This is the kind of food I have to have. Now I'll be craving this all day but will pick up the ingredients to throw this in the crockpot for dinner tomorrow. Wow!

Sophia said...

Oh looks great! I don't really like spicy food but my husband loves it. Ill try maki this and dividing it and then adding chiles to my husbands batch. His and hers soup!

Julie said...

I really love a good snow day too! Love the knitting and the fireplace and all, I think if I lived near you, we would be friends! :)

I made this last night and added the green chilies last and only to mine and my husband's and the whole family including kids, thoroughly loved this. It was delish!!

Bronwyn said...

I love the idea of combining green chili with potato or corn chowder. This looks like the perfect bowl of soup. I wonder how green chilies would be in clam chowder since we have an abundance of those here in SF. Yum!

Sara said...

Love the idea of this soup! I love that it you use smashed potatoes instead of flour to thicken it. Yummy!

Sophia said...

Making this today! We love anykind of chowder but have never thought about throwing chilies in. Yum!